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Absolutely awesome! Brings back so many memories! <33 Keep up with the good work and amazing style! I also like how you finished the ch...

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I'm so sorry... :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 0 0 Mum ^^ :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 2 0 It's me, your best friend. :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 2 0 Random OC Brayden!! :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 1 0 Dreemur :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 0 0 I know I can't stop the downpour... :iconbluefrost2023:Bluefrost2023 1 0


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Hi there my Boot-Camp Brother!
You haven't written a letter back, so I'll sit and send you another.
I've drawn and drawn each day,
Just drawing my weeks away.
Don't know how else to spend time
So I'm thinking up this rhyme
For you to read when you come back to stay.

When I look at my wall and see
All the pictures of you and me,
I blink and I sigh
Glancing from side to side
Smiling at each memory. 

Don't know how much longer we have left
To think of each other as pests,
So I'll show you a song,
Maybe you'll sing along
As long as a short minute lets.

The sickening nostalgia, for a starter,
For just a minute of your time I would barter. 
Simply being in the army is easy, Kade,
Maintaining your place there is harder. 

Love, your little sister, 

So this show caught my attention over a few short weeks, and I finally caught up with all the episodes and I totally fell for this show. And I'm just requesting serious RP partners to join me on Skype for Wander Over Yander Role Play. I love making new RP friends, and considering this is the first one I've ever asked of this fandom I'm a little nervous.

Although, unlike most of the series, I better intend on making the RP more serious and develop the characters and relationships more then the show could, mostly due to it being more kid friendly. So if your up for an WOY RP with more drama and plot and character relations show more then hopefully this is for you! I love the fact that characters can grow and change for the better, so its pretty hard to mess up everyone's personality too much (There is a limit, but still!) and no matter what that is what i think we'll make it fun to rp this <3

I hope that makes sense anyway. I have a few rules but other then that I'm quite flexible with how this will go. Pairings are ...okay I guess? I mean, I honestly kind of don't care for the first time if it has pairings in a fandom interest, cause, I never considered them in this one. I see Sylvia and Wander in more of a big sister or mother figure to Wander, all others I can be flexible with though! (I'll try) Although I kinda like the pairings for Peepers and Sylvia and Wander and Hater now :) (Smile)

Rules though:

No OC's. (Please)

No sex (Blood and gore is fine, but not OTHER mature things)

NO script RP's please (I COULD do script RP's but honestly.... I hate them and they are stressful. XD)

I ONLY RP on Skype. So if your interested send me a note with your username :) (Smile)

I only rp one on one with people on skype with a equal amount of characters for us to control. And I don't mind how many accept my request! I just want to have fun! I hope to make some RP friends. Anyone feel free to reply! Thank ya!
I'm so sorry...
And yet again, a doodle turned into a sketch, which turned into this....
Absolutely awesome! Brings back so many memories! <33 Keep up with the good work and amazing style!
I also like how you finished the chant in the title ;) Clever, my friend.
C O M E O N A N D S L A M !

A N D W E L C O M E T O T H E J A M ! !

This was also the new addition to my favorites~ And because it was from my favorite movie on Earth, it has over earned it's place there!

I bet 9 1/2 out of 10 of the Deviants here don't know what movie you referenced~
**WARNING** if you do not believe in ghosts or spirits left to Earth, please do not read! 

So a while back I posted a picture of a random original character named Brayden. Well, the reason I drew him on DA muro is because I was bored and wanted to show him to people. Didn't work out so great, cus no one is watching me right now.. But anyway! To the story! P.S. this is all true. 

So I have made my own little bedroom downstairs at home, because I'm not comfortable sleeping on a main level for some odd reason. Anyway, our tile down there is extremely creepy, that house is very.. very, very old. From the 1920's, to be near-exact. And there is a cold feeling I get sometimes at random periods at the night. And one night, I crawled out of bed to go upstairs and get a drink, when I heard a knocking sound on my wooden bedpost. I turned around quickly, excruciatingly terrified when I go up and get my water. 'What could that possibly have been?' I wondered, reluctant to go back down. But I went anyway, and sure enough, something happened again.
See, I have a guitar in the corner of my room, and it strummed. That's when I rushed upstairs with a blanket and pillow to sleep on the couch. 

So the next day I had to go to town to get some groceries so I went back down and found my TV remote, which had been lost for about a year, sitting on a little air matress, 1/3, that we use for guests. Of course, my first thought was 'GHOST!!' but then I realized that mom or someone might have found it and put it down there. Mind you, she said she hadn't seen it for as long as I had. And why would she lie about that? I asked everyone else that could have possibly found it and gotten into my room to put it down there. I didn't know about anyone except, of course, a ghost who could have. 

'No!' I told myself scornfully. 'Ghosts don't exist! If they do, they've got to be evil, right?' But over the months and couple years I've started to believe in ghosts. I have gotten used to creepy and unnatural things happening down there, yet it scares guests, which is the best part. So since I can't necessarily hear a ghost talking or anything, or even barely see it, I had to make up EEEEVVVEERRRYYYTHHIINNNGG about it. I decided it might be a guy, but I was just gonna remake it into a transgender look and name soon enough from now. I decided to name him Brayden, and since that house had a Nazi sign in tan and brown on the tiles that I had covered with carpet, I made him a soldier. Not evil, but more likely a Nazi who didn't like what Hitler was doing. I know that's probably bad to play with history like that, but... heheh.. it was fun writing the backstory, knowing he was probably looking over my shoulder as I did so. And that brings us to where I drew him, and posted it, still accepting that the spirit was most likely watching. He lost his left eye but never wanted to admit it due to embarrassment in it. Again, I'll write a comic on how he lost it. 

That's pretty much him and who he is, where he originated from in my mind. 


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